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SAFFRON from Iran

We from Huginn Pharma have been visiting Iran and checked out how it works with saffron from the source. We understand the benefits of Saffron and this is a hot ingredient at the moment.

Saffron originates from a flower known as Crocus Sativus. Since only specific parts of the flower contain saffron, a lot of flowers are needed in order to extract little saffron. This is why it’s so expensive if you’re familiar with it in terms of its culinary use. To put this into perspective, you need around 75,000 flowers in order to produce one pound of saffron.

This spice has been used for many years. Saffron and its effects on weight-loss are a fairly new phenomenon.
There’s also a key link between weight gain and depression. Since saffron is believed to target symptoms of depression, it also helps manage mental factors that contribute to overeating and weight gain.

There have been reports indicating that its effect on one’s mindset may help control food intake.
• Digestion
• Detoxifying Properties
• Boosts Serotonin Levels
• Aids in PMS
• Alzheimer’s Disease

We can help you make a formula containing saffron as main ingredient or advise you in a strong formula for different applications.

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